Anne Millet, Niels Reina 6 years and 4 years

March 27, 2014 – 11:05 pm

mymobilhome-annemillet styliste mode enfantine, blog déco mymobilhome, Nantes 16 juin 2013 Anne Millet, Reina 6 years and 4 years Niels designer kidswear blog Deco mymobilhome, Nantes 16 June 2013 Interview with Anne Millet

Anne, what part do you feel better?
I like to prepare good food, I would say the kitchen. I like to let me rocking in my rocking chair by the stove, I would say the living room.Mymobilhome-annemillet3 I like to laze in the sun, I will answer the terrace.

Do you have a philosophy of life?
Cultivate happiness. Shine the ordinary.

What is your favorite right now?Mymobilhome-annemillet2
à St Paul de Vence . The Maeght Foundation in St Paul de Vence . The perfect harmony between art and nature. I often think of this place.

Do you have a motto?
Keep smiling

What designer piece you would dream of one day owning?
I do not dream of owning a chair Le Corbusier, Perriand a shelf or a screen by Eileen Gray. Although I am fully appreciative of their work. I dream of a panoramic view of nature, quiet and bright.Mymobilhome-annemillet7 Up in the morning my face "this natural table" different every day and every season: this is my dream.

What is your favorite artist?
I would have loved to spend a day with Picasso in his studio, to transmit me the art of ceramics.

How did you choose the name of your children?
My man is of Dutch origin. In his family, there is a tradition: the first child in a family is called Reina if it's a girl and Reinier if it's a boy. (Her aunt is therefore called Reina and his brother Reinier) for our daughter so it was Niels Reina and then bears the name of an old fisherman Scandinavie.Niels also means Champion.

How did you designed the decoration of your house?
Bulimia colors ... I must look after myself! Antiques and especially by the way, mixed in mind 50. I like to travel far and bring fabrics, carpets and antiques in local markets.

What style, what artistic movement do you prefer?
Land Art pleases me well, children have initiated me this art with two stones, a branch and some leaves of trees ...

Do you have a restaurant to recommend us to Nantes, Paris or elsewhere?
, 32 soi Petchaburi 17 | Pratunam, Bangkok et La Maison Rose : 8 Romain Rolland Street, Pondichéry, Inde Once Upon a Time, 32 Petchaburi itself 17 | Pratunam, Bangkok and The Pink House : 8, Romain Rolland Street, Pondicherry, India

Your next holiday destination?
I travel a lot for work and pleasure. Travel is my first inspiration. This summer, we rented a van volkswagen vintage in Bordeaux and descend to Bilbao via the Dune du Pyla. Children dream of camping! otherwise, we are planning a trip to Sydney every 2.

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