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August 27, 2013 – 15:38


Before it was as usual, today maintained only by grandmothers who did not want to lose the traditions. Permanent Grandmothers rocking chair at the foot of the road but, especially, knitted and crocheted. But 'work' are back in fashion and one of the culprits is Modern Haberdashery born as a website online store but wanted to recover for today's youth what I learned youth of yesteryear. It does so through home workshops for both children and adults.

If you're the adventurous, enjoying the most savoring what you've done with your own hands, consider calling another teacher Susana Molina or Modern Haberdashery to make yourself from scarves to sweaters, gloves, blankets and other things that less than a week can make thanks to knit and crochet lessons. "Initially everyone thinks it is not made ​​for that but then discover that it is very easy, " said to a group of five people (three is the minimum number to receive lessons at home).

Susana, also cofounder Modern Haberdashery, youth oriented these courses because grandmothers have mastered these techniques but children can also take classes on how to make brooches and other things more suited for their age. Home Cecilia had never tried knitting and thinks it's a good way to entertain, and a great excuse to get together with friends and talk about their stuff. Elements almost more important than the work itself, and they did so common point half a century ago.

Making cross stitch

In addition it also provides a way to relax and forget about work problems, as Ana Serrano admitted another course participants, a very useful in these times. If you're the more vague and less anxious you can buy directly in Modern Haberdashery products made ​​from 100% natural wool. However, if you visit this blog regularly is because you are already looking for the number of Susana, a rocking chair and gear to make your first start and although much remains warm scarf for winter.

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