My birth list "innovative" for BB3 ... (super baby products inside!)

August 27, 2013 – 15:39

o cradle bed cradle bed No,Mom,do not jump to the ceiling as you read this!

,une sorte de " fantasme " de toutes mère en devenir,car les marques n'ont de cesse d'innover,de réflechir à ce qu'il nous faudrait,à nous,mamans (et papas!),pour nous faciliter la vie… This is a hypothetical list, a sort of "fantasy" mother of all becoming,as brands have continued to innovate,to think about what we need to us,moms (and dads!) to make our lives easier ...

Right now I can not stop discover objects childcare so well designed that it would give me (ALMOST) the desire to make another!cloud cabinet(I said almost ...)

(I've already talked HERE products NOT to put on his list of birth as useless!)

So therefore imagine that I'm pregnant (without nausea,toes "khaki",the urge to get up at night to eat 4 kiris or feel like 80 years).

I'm pregnant,as Hollywood stars,all goes well,I wear heels,have swollen belly that everyone finds me radiant and I still play sports all day with my trainer beautiful come a god ...

This is what I want us to offer me!pilot light

Firstly,for the baby's room,

(I take out my magic wand and ask :)

I want a crib,but also a small cradle for infant,a place to store everything,and as a rocking chair to feed baby ...

But I have no room for it all!

Hop! Here the Hogweed O'Lit (evolutionary cradle 3 in 1)

From birth,it is a cradle with a comfortable place to feed baby ( breast or bib of course! ) and after a few months back on the bed and it becomes a cradle!(More info HERE ) ...

And to complete my room of my dreams,

A pretty cabinet cloud of at Dreams and laughs ,

because I like the design,I like the clouds in short,I want to bb3! (girl or boy!) ((No,Mom,I said "hypotétique list"!))

And for baby sleep ( unlike mine ...),we could offer me a night Pabobo?The Dream Theater for example ...

(I admit,not even pregnant,I would love one,because at the time that I write this post (9:51 p.m.),PtitePomme is still trying to call "MOM DAD" because she refuses to domir! )

So I continue my list of birth,and then I attack the most important,the stroller!

And then,I do find THE concept of-death-that-kills ...

I want a stroller that folds and unfolds with only one button.

Click. Debonding. Click. Folding.

It does not exist?It is very bad to know the brand Natalys that just offer for sale the single electronic automatic folding stroller!GNNIIII!!

4moms Stroller (1) -1 AVENT Image-2


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