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Concerto for hot Gianna Nannini, hand on her crotch in Milan

April 27, 2013 – 00:00

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No actual news. Sorry, a little '. Once some Italian artists were able to create new fashions, new trends, also a new way of dressing up in everyday life. Not now, now we are slaves of the giant molasses that comes from abroad. Before Gianna Nannini , recently, it had fallen to Rihanna. Even before the King of Pop: Michael Jackson's famous gesture with his hand slid slowly on the pubis. This time, as I said, it was the turn of Nannini: on the occasion of his Hymn Tour 2013 (performed at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Milan) fished "with both hands" from the container of malice. Perhaps it was a reaction to the criticism received in recent weeks, when some critics have talked about a little rock hard and very ordinary, away from the old standard rocker Siena ...


Gianna Nannini HOT IN MILAN - PHOTOS

From Rihanna to Beyonce, passing Kesha, Lady Gaga and reaching up to Madonna, who already in the 80s loved to give scandal. The years in which the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, it was noted (but) to attitudes of this kind. When it comes to big stars, certain poses can also be forgiven. First of all (in music) can be forgiven. The Italians, however, are less prepared for this kind of entertainment, especially if you give them away to a new mother. Gianna Nannini, since the early years of his career, he showed great vivacity and personality. All this was often expressed on the stages of the peninsula, in this regard as to forget his America ...

Perhaps on this occasion the Italy's most famous rocker was left to take his hand, true that the general public is now accustomed to the hot moves of the brightest stars of the pop scene, or more generally of the music world, but the great ape International star does not have to constitute a passage for artists sublime value such as, for example, the same Gianna Rock. Slow, once.

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