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August 27, 2013 – 15:40

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Memory, the sense of touch of scholarly always make me dreaming.

Red brick-covered towers, like wearing a beautiful dress elegant standing in that, aside from the noisy, intrusive and sometimes ignore the gloomy sky, self and comfortable --- that was my grandmother lived military dependents --- I miss most is the place.

Child, every holiday festivals, mother always took me north to visit her grandmother. Grandma like my friend, like my best friend, my heart and my grandmother always tie him together, and grandma, happiness, joy, memories like an endless supply of spring water, the total infusion in my two The heart, sweet but not greasy. Back to grandma's house, my favorite thing to do is to military dependents grandmother pulled a small bookstore downstairs bogged down a whole afternoon. The sign is a small bookstore inconspicuous heart-shaped words, a vehicle zips vehicles may never find it there, but we grandchild hearts This humble little bookstore is like our world exclusive. Plants and flowers planted outside the bookstore, low roof is not grand, hanging in front of a bunch of dolphins pattern wooden wind chimes, knocking is so warm. Went like entering the Tao's house in Nanshan, away from the distractions of the outside, a hint of scholarly, no floral scent, but it is the most moving my nose taste.

I remember my grandmother always used his right hand holding my left hand went across that threshold, bookstores aunt kindly smile and cry cordial welcome, every story book's foreword. The corner bookstore there are sheets made ​​of wood rocking chair, holding my grandmother will be holding a picture book, sat in a rocking chair, I warm nest in my grandmother's arms, listening to the sound of the TV drama for me kindly spoke one after another. story, sometimes constantly asking questions, ask why vital stepmother Snow White, and asked the wolf blew pig house will not be tired? ask Cinderella's shoes will not be easy broken? sometimes jumped to the side bouncing jump, fantasy flowers he is dancing with the prince princess, sometimes just quietly sleeping grandmother's arms went Chan, bursts of breeze blowing through the window the other end stroking my cheeks, that scholarly and I always wake up in a stupor will continue being immersed in a page which, even under windy day with rain, and grandma moment is so unforgettable. Snuggle with grandma, young age, I do not know much, but my grandmother felt most sincere love.

Tiny shop has been in my mind is that this vast world of the happiest corner. My grandmother said there has countless memories, I was in the bookstore has been so cherished every moment together with his grandmother until the age of six that night --- until God shall separate us that night. Over a year, with Grandma's birthday, and my desire to always want to be the last one and grandmother together forever, can always go to a small bookstore nestled in the arms of her grandmother, God could not hear, perhaps missing, he quietly with away my most beloved grandmother gone, that little bookstore because shortly after leaving the military community to rebuild, the scene is no longer, the personnel has not, scholarly memory is eternal, I always knew, all understand that Grandma loves me, I love my grandmother, in every dead of night after midnight, when I was alone aftertaste book scholarly taste, remembering grandma everything I know, I am more sure, at the moment the sky is so like her grandmother his little granddaughter, heart tie him with the heart, both in the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, the earth or on Mars, in the mountains or in the sea, at the zenith, or land, our affection higher than the mountains deeper than the sea, distance does not separate thoughts , Time does not feelings, our love and memories will remain forever in the little bookstore window wooden rocking chair ... next.


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