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Porreres lounger creates more Majorcan

December 15, 2012 – 00:00

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A village carpenter makes these wooden seats by hand and have incorporated fabrics 'llengües' to add more tradition to the product

AITOR F. VALLESPIR. PORRERES "Originality is to return to home, " said the architect Antoni Gaudí. A Porreres carpentry has decided to follow that maxim. The brothers Picornell Serra-namesake-business owners have wanted to recapture the magic of a piece of furniture between the Majorcan classic: the chaise.
The product creator is Rafel Picornell, who has rethought the design with two criteria in mind: respect tradition and innovation in comfort. "We have relied on a classic beach chair the lifetime, but we have wanted to bring a more modern, " said the carpenter.
For example, the wooden structure, as before, but now unions are manufactured with stainless steel screws. The second change is consistent with the current era, where everyone wants to customize their helpful: faceplates, phone covers, adhesives multicolor ... The recliner incorporates two removable rods for furniture fabric can be replaced in a minute. "It's easier to wash, " he adds Picornell.
And the third major new feature is the "return to origin." Porreres artisan argues that "there is nothing more Mallorcan llengües fabrics, so we decided to make them with these traditional fabrics", characterized by brightly colored elongated figures.
Thus were born the sun Filats, promoted as the "Mallorcan sun." The owner of the view that the Mallorcan carpentry had rejected this element of their daily lives, despite being "the old way of rest for excellence." "For example, there are many more people who prefer to relax in rocking chairs, and these are already sold with llengües fabrics, so this was the logical evolution of the sun, " he says. This is provided in three factories (one of Santa Maria, Pollença and another third of Lloseta) that give textile designs.
The inspiration came in February this year after seeing images of the 50s and 60s, in which all the beaches bathers rested on wooden chairs, which are far from those of today (unsightly, uncomfortable and plastic).
Carry out the design cost them more than a month. They took the actions at the pictures, but the prototype came out somewhat narrow. Both could not stretch his arms and one could stay curled. The final model to twenty centimeters wider, to change its position without colliding with the timber.
The least Majorcan Picornell recognizes, is wood: beech German. They find it more resistant than traditional varieties. In combination with llengües fabrics, "supports up to 150 kilos, " he boasts the carpenter, who in a week can make up to twenty units of its chair craft.
The first were presented during the fair in late March Andratx. His stop was visited by the authorities, including Bauza president. "I was surprised he was able to distinguish between a real llengües fabric and faux" said the craftsman.
The continued promotion through their Facebook page (Filats Gandules Mallorcan) and so far have sold about thirty chairs. At present, there are many models in stock because they work order. Buy fabrics find high investment, says Picornell.
Pricewise, the carpenter is in line recognizes that "the work they carry, which is all done by hand": "Sure there are cheaper at Carrefour, but do not have the guarantee of a craft workshop". Will the sun with future llengües fabrics fashion on Majorca? Time will tell.


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