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February 28, 2012 – 00:00

DPP_3365 Tainan ‧ Stay coffee since 2011
Address: Tainan Healthy Road, Section 3, No. 358
GPS: 120.10.10 22.59.4
Tel :06 -2932089
Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00
Spending Time: 2012.02
Parking: street parking Closed: No regular, detailed price list Facebook Announcement: Blog, face book: Stay

Tepper building next to the District Court in 2005 and 2010, respectively, cover the two communities to build the case, one is Tepper villa, the second phase is a villa landscape, Pro shop healthy way to live are all bedroom types, one, two The appearance is very similar to the period, the earliest law Andean landscape Lan restaurant first opened a shop here, walking mansion restaurant reservation system, you can see the third floor above the sea floor flagship private club, and later moved to France Lan Andean mountain old open house, combined with a small copper pots of the same system.

Stay Coffee is located in two low-key appearance, only during business hours on the sidewalk when you put red Stay Tiepai.DPP_3374

Facade of the tree with white as the main image, in contrast with the black stone, after the door is the bar, in-store lighting warm without glare, the first feeling is that, like to a friend's house guest, I like gray finish for indoor use porcelain tile, hue comfortable.DPP_3382

Using in-store sales as the first floor, with a lot of Made in Taiwan sentient door STRAUSS furniture.
Generally emphasize design air cafes, more choice of Denmark Charles and Ray Eames furniture, such ORO system love to use Y chair, DSW also a lot of love cafe chairs, so Stay really special.DPP_3387 Tainan, then Allison small and MSC Lu Sui Southern photorespiration also some affectionate door furniture.

The first group is the window of the two rocking chairs and sentient door Rhodes lek collaboration with Jimmy forest roundtable, through people see will feel very soothing. Rhodes lek chair is characterized by wide big chair, a height of 39cm, slightly lower than the average chair (standard height 45cm), so Rhodes lek chair with a side table height must not be too high.

The second group is accompanied by Sam Rainsy table gliding Stools and friends of Park benches, Sam Rainsy's legs is Chinese architecture in the criss-cross beams combined with the use of simple lines overlap a calm content, gliding Stools middle is in line with Ergonomic arc.

DPP_3366 DPP_3368 DPP_3424 DPP_3415

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