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March 14, 2014 – 12:31 pm

▲ America rocking chair and dog house designers to combine into a new kind of furniture. (Map / from

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Rocking chair has a strong typified now relatively rare, mostly to compare "trendy" design appearance rendering. Houston, Texas is also a designer Paul Kweton whim rocking chair and dog house do combine, named as "rocking chair together, " so that the owner can and their pets together in the afternoon to enjoy a leisurely swing feel.

▲ Kweton concept map in 2011. (Map / from

Kweton idea started from 2011, in the production of 3D models, you use a computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology, the birch plywood processing, and finally assembled, named as "rocking chair together" (rocking-2-gether chair) and officially launched in 2012. This rocking chair in addition to taking into consideration the balance and the magnitude of the swing man, also both beautiful nature, the user can expand or shrink according to the demand of wood chairs middle distance.

▲ rocking chair can make pet nest inside shade, reduce the heat of sunlight. (Map / from

Although the rocking chair was originally designed based on the concept of the dog house, but the size is actually very suitable for the cat to use; actual finished product came out, Kweton also immediately allow your cat to experience the feeling inside the nest, he said, "We really enjoy using this chair moments . "

▲ Some netizens even believe that this is a bit like a pet cradle. (Map / from )

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