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August 27, 2013 – 15:38

Modernica - Manufacturer of modern furniture design for the home

A change to 360 ° in the design of this chair! Created by Thomas Heatherwick, talented designer who loves challenges, this chair-spinning revolutionized the genre with surprise. A truly innovative look to use a completely original: Thomas Heatherwick creates a new way to sit back and gives us a freedom of movement without limits ... The rounded base of Spun allows avre in a circular motion, rocking and also to rotate 360 ​​° ... without risk of falling! Its enveloping are extraordinarily comfortable. Vera sculpture, Spun erases the boundaries between art and design and decorate our interiors in an original way! Its implementation is a real challenge in terms of design: Spun has been designed using the technique of symmetry roundabout. This chair is the result of a great work focuses on the dynamics of the forms and the effect of movement. Made of rotational-molded polyethylene, Spun is light, strong and perfectly you use both indoors and outdoors.

In detail:

  • Rocking chair Product: Rocking chair

  • Bianco Color: White

  • Polietilene rotostampato Material: Polyethylene roto-molded

  • Ø 91 cm x H 66, 5 cm Dimensions: Ø 91 cm x H 66.5 cm

  • Per interno e esterno Features: For interior and exterior

Source: www.madeindesign.it

Kardiel Kardiel Eames Style Molded Fiberglass Rocker RAR Chair, Black/Natural Wood
Lawn & Patio (Kardiel)
  • True to original: 100% Molded Fiberglass Shell construction; True to original: Clear Polyurethane finished Natural Birch species rocker arm runners
  • True to original: Chrome plated steel Eiffel frame; True to original: Rubber mount flex washers
  • Comfortable: Deep seat pocket & waterfall curved front edge reduce back of thigh pressure
  • Aesthetically correct Soft Matte surface sheen; The most desired skus of the original color pallet represented
  • RAR Overall Dimension: 23.6 inches Deep x 19.3 inches wide x 31 inches

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Furniture Making & Sales - Kids Rocking Chair - WeeWockin.com
Furniture Making & Sales - Kids Rocking Chair - WeeWockin.com ...
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