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August 27, 2013 – 15:39

IMG_0109.JPG 幫寶椅) 、 Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker (費雪攜帶式嬰兒搖椅)、 Mamaroo 電動搖椅 Introduction Bumbo Baby Seat (Pampers chair), Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker (Portable Baby Bouncer Fisher), Mamaroo electric rocking chair 嬰兒餐桌高腳椅)、 babybjorn babysitter (嬰兒搖椅)、 Fisher-Price Open-Top Cradle Swing (費雪熱帶雨林系列嬰兒swing搖椅) , Stokke Tripp Trapp ® Highchair (Baby high chair dining table), babybjorn babysitter (Baby Bouncer), Fisher-Price Open-Top Cradle Swing (Fisher-Price Rainforest series baby swing rocking chair)

Chuan Menzi to a friend's house when the Tigers try to sit assembled a variety of different baby seat photos.

Here to share with you ~

幫寶椅) (A) Bumbo Baby Seat (Pampers chair)

幫寶椅): 適合4-12+個月的寶寶坐。 Here in Taiwan, this is a very prosperous Bumbo Baby Seat (Pampers chair): Suitable for 4-12 + months baby sit. Advantage is that its material is soft, and easy to carry, you can fix your baby anywhere in the home. Four months old baby from the neck rather hard point, you can start trying to sit.DSC03097.JPG (But no full hard before the neck, not to sit too long, fear will hurt the spine development, after not grow. This is my baby from the hospital subscription journals in English says, the baby should not be too early for him for a long time to sit straight .DSC03098.JPG journals suggest more than four months old baby sit straight time should not exceed 15 minutes.) As the old saying: seven sit eight to climb, there is a reason it drops ~

It is used friends reflect this chair is suitable for Pampers thin nose □. Only because the big baby, until more than four months can hold up to the neck, to begin to sit this chair has plump thigh, a little too stuffed into it.DSC03025.JPG Can be used for a limited period. Some say that the children will climb until six or seven months will stand up, in fact, are less willing to be fixed in this inside. However, this is with the baby's character also has a relationship now! May be some good move, do not like being on the ground freezes. And because this chair from the ground near, it is easy to tear yourself away, climb out ~

The wind assessment in Taiwan, super, presumably many babies liked it!

Infant-To-Toddler Rocker (費雪攜帶式嬰兒搖椅) (B) Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker (Fisher Portable Baby Bouncer)

This baby rocking chair, I was Henry's mother in a small house to try to sit Tigers home after the next set immediately online buy down! From Tigers sit now three months old, he came love. I bought all the baby inside, this was NT $ 1100 in his early rocking chair can be regarded as No.1 value for money investment! (Amazon score on the five hundred people, almost took out! Seen how useful the !)

IMG_0110.JPG 51unCPLOLgL._AA300_.jpg 514yEMsJOaL._AA300_.jpg 51K6kzxeXdL._AA300_.jpg

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