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March 24, 2014 – 04:31 pm

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Your special place in her room

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When decorating a child's bedroom is important to remember that besides our sin,we ourselves also spend much time in that room and it is important to be comfortable.

An armchair or a pushchair is essential but if you want to find a functional option,comfortable and also a special charm to the child's bedroom decor, a nice rocking chair can be the perfect solution.We leave you some examples to inspire you ....

If you want to set up a nursery in soft colors,with tasteful and a vintage feel,I can go great wooden rocking a pretty pastel color,if not you find the color you want,you just have to buy a rocking comfortable,light and that you like and paint yourselves,it is simple and the result will give you a touch DIY small room.


But if I am that typical huis of children's bedroom in soft colors and are looking for something more modern where rocking your puppies,what do you think this design rocking chair?Looks great in a modern room and can find in Bel & Soph Mommy size and mini size for the little ones can also rock.


Another good option can be done with one of those wicker rocking back, as they had grandmothers home.They are a neutral decorative objects will fit perfectly into any child's bedroom class whatever your style.


But if what you seek is absolute comfort,your choice is a rocking chair like this that you can order in ,and is this good in a child's room today,modern and anything sappy.


What do you have like the rocking chairs for nursery?,A good idea to be comfortable until they fall asleep ... and maybe you before you fall asleep with the rocking ..


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