March 7, 2011 – 00:00

Another item that has been very useful here at home is such a glider recliner, which for those unfamiliar is a mixture of such a daddy's chair with rocking chair. Actually, I think it is a reincarnation of this rocking chair used for centuries to lull babies. I remember that my grandmother had a home that was used by all the grandchildren, and followed her advice I bought my version moderninha.

In this aspect I confess that I gave up in favor of aesthetic comfort, since not much like mobile big guys. But our chair is leather, supremacy and practice and is in our room, more escondidinha.

In the first weeks of life of our little I practically lived in this chair because I refused to put him to sleep away from me, so these times we really need a mobile and comfortable, for no one can withstand spend hours dying from back pain.

We have a another chair more compact and therefore much less used room in Joaquim, but that is in our room really is a thousand times better. The room is used when we tell him stories or read to him, but at bedtime, we all go to our room.

Every night our ritual is the same: in the bath tub with tummy Products Sleepy Time Johnson, bottle, rocking chair (glider recliner), classical music and opera in Ipod and goodnight, Joaquim!


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