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April 24, 2013 – 00:00

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April 25th, 2013 by hanson

They visited five fantastic outdoor Sharon's head one night, sitting in front of a wicker rocking chair dressed, taciturn old woman feel as if time is reversed. From the five men approached, she saw a thin man, with long Tartar cheekbones, suffering with jaundice, from the date of birth will never be marked with the eccentric imprint.

"My God! God!" She exclaimed, "Aoleiliannuo!"

Once again she saw Aoleiliannuo colonel, just as she was before the war for a long time under the lights seen, as he also discredited, disillusioned after the coming exile did before. In that distant dawn, he came to her bedroom, the first command issued his life, demanding his love. It turned out that Pilar · moss Lena. Years ago, she had one hundred forty-five, she had to give up the habit of harmful calculate age. She has been living in a calm and memories of the past, has been in a completely clear, believe in the future of life, but will not be a full bucket trap cards foretell the future constantly nuisance.

Since that evening, Aoleiliannuo Boone Tia in his grandmother did not know there was a high sympathy and care of. She sat wicker rocking chair, think of the past, this one reminds me of the prosperity and decline, remembering Macondo former glory, which is now devoid of glory. Then A Chelsea Laval Luo are doing all frighten Hey crocodile, A thou Afonso morning train to tow grotesque funny story about one week ago, these birds to four misbehaving customers eyeball pecked out. Gabriele thou look melancholy mixed race girl staying in the room.
This girl did not converge coins, while walking to a furniture activities engaged boyfriend wrote. Border police that her boyfriend has been arrested and is currently Orinoco (Venezuela territory in the east into the Atlantic Ocean.) Across the jail. Police asked him to sit on a stool and filled with diamonds on the potty. This truly has a kind of brothel madam, it Aoleiliannuo Boone Tia in the long detention periods coveted place. He felt wonderful, almost like a collar by the finest friendship, so that he no longer wanted to go somewhere else to take shelter it. He intends to use his own words to escape the burden to someone to cut around his chest on the ropes, but he just fell on the Pyla. Moss Lena's thighs started to cry a pass. Pilar · moss Lena let him crying, fingertips stroking his head, although he did not reveal his passions because of sad, but she suddenly discern a man's ancient grief.

"Well, son, " she comforted him. "You tell me who she is."

Aoleiliannuo Boone Tia told her, Pilar · moss Lena burst into laughter, the laughter of one kind of open-minded mind, the last cooing like a dove. Aoleiliannuo Boone Tia guess without her secret heart, because a century of years and experience has taught her that the evolution of the family as a machine, it is inevitable to have repeated, like a wheel , if it is the complement of salvage no need to replace the wear of the axle, it will always turn down.


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