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November 18, 2012 – 00:00

Identité / MC2 : Décembre 2010

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Marion Klein and Andrew Klein are a couple of young Europeans. They studied, no longer work, and live in a somewhat precarious. Marion Klein lost his appetite.Un Tramway / MC2 : Décembre 2010 André Klein fogs alcohol and reads the label on a bottle of wine that they can earn money by answering a question. This question will lead them against their will in a quest for identity that will change their lives and their relationship. One thinks of Harold Pinter as well as Orwell but the play is above all a kind of introspection, a moving polaroid in a world scale.Sous le Volcan / MC2 : Novembre 2009 The game, in its innocuous appearance, is a perverse and Machiavellian who is telling the muted violence of our societies mechanism. Outraged by the Mariani amendment, which sought to "encourage" DNA research for family reunification of certain aliens, Gérard Watkins recalls through its female character racial laws published in 1940 under Pétain. As carnal shell extensions and a debate on national identity, Marion and Andrew Klein push their identity crisis in intimate corner.Terre Océane / MC2 : Janvier 2010 As did a few years filmmakers Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg inventing dogma, Gérard Watkins built the show with an ascetic will. No entry or exit of the characters. Unity of place. No chairs, no table, no windows. No soundtrack. A single light source. An artistic choice absolutely welcome a compelling insight: a close up of a couple of our time, one without anesthesia fluoroscopy sometimes makes us laugh and sometimes we cry. An intelligent show that wakes us, simple and beautifully served by Anne-Lise Heimburger and Fabien Orcier two players first place.

A Streetcar

Blanche DuBois, a young woman lost in despair, finds refuge with her sister. No one knows when his drama. Fallen former heiress whose gay husband committed suicide, she has been fired from the school where she taught for seducing a young student after searching his shadow in the arms of many men. His sister Stella has long fled the family home to give a Polish immigrant, Stanley, which is otherwise lovingly at least sexually addicted. What was supposed to be a short stop then turns into a long descent into hell. Confined in an apartment in the French Quarter in New Orleans with her sister and brother-Blanche DuBois, cracked and brittle, eventually insane. Written in 1947, made famous by the film adaptation in 1951 Elia Kazan and Marlon Brando's performance in the role of Stanley, the room background decommissioning touches upon many taboos that are common to Tennessee Williams, Krzysztof Warlikowski and Wajdi Mouawad who signs the French adaptation. Guilt, desire, gratification, forgiveness impossible, homosexuality, wandering is all that is given appointment in this small apartment, where it can not be a winner. Daily some tiny beings draws a relentless tragedy without need one death. Warlikowski turns the page of psychological realism to take Blanche to the dead world that carries with it and echoed his mental landscape as well as readings of the playwright. It inserts in the text of Williams extracts Claude Roy, Gustave Flaubert, Sophocles or better to say Coluche timeless and bring this world who stutters sources of the tragedy. Isabelle Huppert is irradiated center of its staging. White is the cracked, the scandalous, the fallen aristocrat, stinging, lucid and terrorized. Exceptional, and exceptionally surrounded by a dazzling cast (Andrzej Chyra in the role of Stanley, Yann Collette in the role of Mitch and Florence Thomassin in the Stella to name the main ones), the actress performs on stage one of the compositions more incredible career.

Ebauche d'un portrait / MC2 : Mars 2010 Cannibales / MC2 : Mars 2010 Ode maritime / MC2 : Avril Mai Juin 2010

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