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October 10, 2010 – 00:00

Ahhhhhhhh winter fast approaching,it is more "band"!But I looove the cold autumn and winter ;),what I prefer is to warm myself by the fire in my chair,a cat or a dog's head on my lap: D

Winter dream

(With my Snow Day kit I love love ;))

Here I am with my brother,in the famous family rocking chair wholesale solid wood!Notice the beautiful skin coyote background ...;) I made the background by spraying Glimmer Mist on a negative chipboard.

h & a

(For Scraptus: By the way,the site has a bug for the moment!

We're trying to fix this)

And a last,with papers of the Snow Day collection,which does not give at all a winter look ...The title is inspired by the song Yan Perreault,who played some time ago in a pub VAT ..,D dint of hearing it,it inspired me!

This is fine as we love

Good end of Thanksgiving!


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