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Written by: JUAN MARIANO-R. on October 17,2010 - Permanent URL The author of this magnificent autobiographical novel won the Pulitzer Prize in 1958, James Agee (1909-1955), which related to the film world,more particularly with criticism cinephile (Writings on film: 2001 Castilian edition published by Polity Press Ibérica). And indeed,in the book jacket Editorial Alliance informs us that not only served as a critic for various media such as The Nation and Time magazines,but also produced screenplays as famous as those of the unforgettable films: The African Queen ( John Huston,1951) and The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton,1955). That said,I will not expand on the brief personal profile is plotted on the book on the writer of Knoxville,Tennessee,or the synopsis of this novel that interweaves with the belly aching of those who have gone through an experience so devastating as loss of his father when only have six years.

But I do want to emphasize the extraordinary beauty of this moving literary catharsis of pain and absence, written with a single evocative capacity of the family environment: wooden houses with handrails and rocking chairs on the porches,gardens mediators that overlap with the neighbors,suggesting rural atmospheres like those of the great movie To Kill a Mockingbird (Robert Mulligan,1962),based on the novel by Harper Lee - relatives and neighbors,street life and a colorful description (vegetation,wildlife,smells,music ...) that permeates and sensualiza the reader with an intense and captivating lyricism reminiscent both Japanese haiku:

" Soon will come the times when no one is awake.Even the cicadas,crickets to be silent and frozen streams "(p. 119)

This Knoxville at the time of World War I (1914-1918), the look of childhood melts into forced witness tribulations and tears that occur in family life a social fact as brutal and cruel as death in accident Road of a father at the age of thirty-six years.That witness was James Agee's own personal tragedy becomes a drama full of poetry pain and sensitivity.

With a style and language acrisolado effective sober and away from all affectation and an accomplice commiseration reader,the author moves us deeply through emplotment ments come based on dialogues and situations imprint undoubtedly compelling theatrical hopeful overflowing vitality.Human types are described through them (relatives,friends,neighbors ...),manage to convey truth and credibility along with some short,sharp touches of lyricism gets a seductive atmosphere in which we are immersed fully enjoying in their lacerating contradiction,raw pain sublimated by the beauty of literature.Excellent and highly recommended book!.

NB: bilbiográfica tab of this edition read is:

* James AGEE,A Death in the Family,Alliance,2007 While there,I'm almost certain pocket edition.

An enthusiastic literary criticism of the novel in the supplement of El País Babelia signed by José María Guelbenzu which you can read here .

Source: lacomunidad.elpais.com

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