Rocking Chair Elephant by Neuland studio for Kristalia

August 27, 2013 – 15:39

Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia Neuland Studio, German design firm composed of Eva Paster and Michael Geldmache presents The Elephant Rocking Chair, a new modern interpretation of the traditional rocking chair of our former ...

A broad-shell made of polyurethane based on a painted steel structure for the classical model or here on a wooden structure for the scale.Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia

the word of the mark:

"Many people are thinking about retirement imagine sitting in front of the fireplace while swinging on a rocking chair.Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia It is perhaps this idea that inspired the two designers of engineering Neuland Paster & Geldmacher, when they developed the Elephant Rocking model.Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia

The rocking chair is nothing more than an evolution of the famous chair developed by Kristalia Elephant. The latter won the 2012 Interior Innovation Award in the "best of the best" section.

The chair is comfortable and welcoming. In his version rocking, it has a structure all solid wood, which creates a great contrast with the polyurethane shell or the shell completely covered in leather. "This is only the beginning, " commented the two designers during the presentation of the chair, new finishes and new surprises are in sight! "

Not at all unlike the Rocking Chair Eames, designers draw without copying ...

And as a bonus ..

More information about creating: Rocking Chair Elephant

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Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia Rocking Chair Elephant par le studio Neuland pour Kristalia


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