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July 17, 2011 – 00:00

53380815_o3nglCw6_c.jpg4 projects (crazy and / or feasible)

1 - Go live in Lyon,if I get my transfer (all fingers crossed,you can pray and light candles,anything goes).Or live in the mountains in the Haute-Savoie,Savoie or.53328481_VlRY3CWS_c.jpg Not far from the station,in order to make snow four months in the year ...Projet réalisable . The dream. Feasible project.

2 - Become a writer.Has always dreamed.The project this year,creating an album with Youth illustrator colleague may be a good start ...Projet peut être réalisable . ? Project may be feasible.

3 - Afresh live abroad,USA,Canada or New Zealand,or maybe just London.Projet réalisable donc . This is the plan B we decided with Robinson,in case my three transfer requests would not be accepted ... so feasible project.

4 - Living in a cottage like this one below,all wood.Having a porch,a rocking chair or two.Aperitif with Robinson,watching the sunset and our children playing in the trees of the large meadow where the cottage is ...Some cats,two dogs and chickens in a corner of the garden,bike shelter in the shed,a two-seater hammock tied between two trees,good books and friends and family not too far ...Projet fou . My dream. Insane project.

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Chair for feeding baby?

I'm having a baby anytime now, but haven't gotten down to getting a rocking chair, because rocking chairs make me dizzy. Anyone else have this issue and use a different chair to feed in?
I'll be brestfeeding for the first time, and the bed and the couch both seem a little uncomfortable to get in and out of with a bundle...
any thoughts?

Slave to the rocking chair

Just got back from the doctor...I had taken 6 week old DS in for what I had thought was acid reflux. The doctors recommendation? Instead of feeding every 2-3 hours for a half hour like he always does, feed him hourly for 15 minutes. So every 45 minutes he's eating again. All day. All the time. This will help but how oh how can being confined to this timeframe keep me sane. *sigh*
Anybody else have to do this or have a baby with acid reflux or symptoms very similar. When do they grow out of this?
Just to add, his symptoms were projectile spitting up about 30 times a day, constant crying in pain because as much as I burp him it still hurt, unconsolable

What kind of rocker do you have?

I have a glider/rocker and I used the boppy fine in it and loved nursing in it. But I have a regular rocking chair where the arms are too high, but I was still able to use it if I used the boppy.
Could you wait until the baby comes? Because you never can get a true feel for nursing/feeding in something until you have the baby.


Babies and little kids sometimes get so worked up that even though they are really tired and need to sleep they cannot because they are crying or too upset, or excited. remember, sleep begets sleep. six weeks old is very young, at this point your baby really needs you to help her or him to sleep. Is he or she eating o.k.? Have you tried laying down with the baby on your chest, snuggling closely with him or her, rocking, walking, stroller. car, bath, rocking in a chair nursing or bottle feeding usually does it. Could your baby possible have colic? Is he or she writhing around uncomfortab

It is tough

Try a couple different "seats" (stroller, car seat, bouncy seat, gym, etc) for the baby while you shower. You need to shower. You also need to get out of the house everyday.
I can remember rocking the bouncy chair with my toe while shampooing. Got to love that! And I'll be back to doing it 3 months from now.
In the meantime hang in there and really try to get out and go for a walk or go to the grocery store. The more you try to get into a routine of "outside time, feeding time and sleeping time" the easier it will get.

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