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August 27, 2013 – 15:38

Ri-cottelle by Arabeschi di Latte ... This is the question!

I must say, Ikea has the merit of making Scandinavian design available to everyone, and has in some sense set a standard.kosmos project lulu chair poltrona allattamento ewa bochen Whenever you decide to buy something for the house we leaf through the Ikea catalog to see what demand from the rest of the market, in short, Ikea is for us a kind of test bed for furniture.8 nest bowl kitchen sets stackable home-made games for children

Remains, however, a kind of discomfort every time we have to bring us to Ikea, we live it as a kind of defeat, every time we have the sensation to be flattened a bit 'more about the Ikea style and then tell us: "This will be the 'last' instead ... but then ... The last time I was at Ikea was just a couple of weeks ago to stock up on boxes for changing winter, there is nothing to make their system storaging is unbeatable!

To my surprise I discovered the new line for children Stuva ... and I must say I really like it!

A system designed by Ebba Strandmark, clear and clean design, which provides a wide range of modules, drawers, doors and various, and so makes it really a lot of possibilities for customization. So with regard to children's furniture from Ikea, the series Stuva is the favorite VmnP!

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Each my post has complicated stories, come along winding paths, so it has been for the last post, Big Cambimenti . I wanted to combine the text something that riguardase the game, but also the pampering and softness, I wish there was a bridge with my enthusiasm and my fears of mom. At first I thought then a Tent-Sofa designed by Philippe Malouin for the Italian Campsites . I remembered seeing this pouf-bed-house at the Salone del Mobile 2009 in April, but I could not find enough info on their site as not there yet. Natualmente I contacted them, but I really want to write and then to Great Cambimenti I found another report.


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And 'long since I've been meaning to write this post, even from the beginning, since last April on a visit to the Salone del Mobile I saw the stand of Kosmos Project . Then I had kidnapped a pregnant woman on a slight rocking chair, thin and beautiful. It was the designer Ewa Bochen in late pregnancy that rocked the chair LULU seraphic, and on their website read: "LULU rocks chair for relaxation and contemplation." And indeed the blonde Ewa rocked bulging and contemplative ...
The chair but I wanted at all costs to have a picture of real life, but a successful designer (and most new mother) is very busy and I waited until a few days ago to be satisfied: here it is Ewa swinging her little one on LULU chair. She also confirmed that the chair is perfect for sleep and breastfeed her little girl. Design for children and their mothers.
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Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Rocker, Dark Safari
Baby Product (Fisher-Price)
  • Infant-to-toddler rocker is an infant seat that converts to a toddler rocker
  • Infant mode baby is soothed with calming vibrations or mom s gentle rocking of the seat
  • Toys are mounted to the toy bar and face downward towards baby for visual stimulation with bright colors and patterns
  • Toys are unlinked from the toy bar and re-linked to the right and left of baby s grasp in addition to the crotch strap for teething
  • Easy to clean with its machine washable pad

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Chair for feeding baby?

I'm having a baby anytime now, but haven't gotten down to getting a rocking chair, because rocking chairs make me dizzy. Anyone else have this issue and use a different chair to feed in?
I'll be brestfeeding for the first time, and the bed and the couch both seem a little uncomfortable to get in and out of with a bundle...
any thoughts?

Slave to the rocking chair

Just got back from the doctor...I had taken 6 week old DS in for what I had thought was acid reflux. The doctors recommendation? Instead of feeding every 2-3 hours for a half hour like he always does, feed him hourly for 15 minutes. So every 45 minutes he's eating again. All day. All the time. This will help but how oh how can being confined to this timeframe keep me sane. *sigh*
Anybody else have to do this or have a baby with acid reflux or symptoms very similar. When do they grow out of this?
Just to add, his symptoms were projectile spitting up about 30 times a day, constant crying in pain because as much as I burp him it still hurt, unconsolable

What kind of rocker do you have?

I have a glider/rocker and I used the boppy fine in it and loved nursing in it. But I have a regular rocking chair where the arms are too high, but I was still able to use it if I used the boppy.
Could you wait until the baby comes? Because you never can get a true feel for nursing/feeding in something until you have the baby.


Babies and little kids sometimes get so worked up that even though they are really tired and need to sleep they cannot because they are crying or too upset, or excited. remember, sleep begets sleep. six weeks old is very young, at this point your baby really needs you to help her or him to sleep. Is he or she eating o.k.? Have you tried laying down with the baby on your chest, snuggling closely with him or her, rocking, walking, stroller. car, bath, rocking in a chair nursing or bottle feeding usually does it. Could your baby possible have colic? Is he or she writhing around uncomfortab

It is tough

Try a couple different "seats" (stroller, car seat, bouncy seat, gym, etc) for the baby while you shower. You need to shower. You also need to get out of the house everyday.
I can remember rocking the bouncy chair with my toe while shampooing. Got to love that! And I'll be back to doing it 3 months from now.
In the meantime hang in there and really try to get out and go for a walk or go to the grocery store. The more you try to get into a routine of "outside time, feeding time and sleeping time" the easier it will get.

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ZUMA the highchair
ZUMA the highchair
Flcoast LLC Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Natural
Baby Product (Flcoast LLC)
  • JPMA certified
  • Eating tray and dishwasher safe tray cover included
  • Available in natural or mahogany wood color
  • Adjustable foot and seat plate allows chair to seat from 6 months up to 250 pounds
  • Cloth cushion seating included
American Plastic Toys American Plastic Toy Deluxe Nursery
Toy (American Plastic Toys)
  • The play moniter features sounds that correspond with 3 main play areas: the rocking cradle, feeding chair and bath
  • The Deluxe Nursery alos includes a play sprayer in the sink and bath area
  • Also includes 3 storage cabinets with working doors, a storage shelf beneath the cradle, a mobile and 7 additional accessories
  • Measures 30 x 23-3/4 x 29-3/4
  • AA batteries not included
Ballantine Books The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
Book (Ballantine Books)

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