Creative green design, rocking incarnation iPad Chargers

August 27, 2013 – 15:38

Photo: Micasa Lab

Zurich, Switzerland design company Micasa Lab is developing could be generating rocking chair , rocking chair to sit while charging iPad.

The company iRock handmade rocking chair, adding modern elements of traditional furniture, chair, rocking back and forth wish to use the energy generated by the launch of Apple's device is charging. Website product page writes : "iRock want to collect part of the energy, find out the real purpose, the use of a rocking chair for 60 minutes, can charge the iPad 3 to 35%."

But to produce enough charging generators, Micasa Lab team a number of elements must be redesigned, "focusing on improving generator performance, try a variety of designs, finally find a suitable kit, enough for built-in battery, iPad or iPhone."

This is the rocking chair can also become mini entertainment center, built on the armrest iPad slot, speakers are built into the back of a chair, these features are still in development stage.


Alfred Zahn Ltd Holden Modern Rocking Chair - Upholstered - Ivory
Home (Alfred Zahn Ltd)
  • Modern design works in living room, nursery, or bedroom
  • Plush, supportive seat and back upholstered in ivory fabric
  • Permanently affixed seat and back cushions are 2-inches thick
  • Durable solid Birch wood frame in a rich walnut finish
  • Curved armrests for added comfort and support

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You still might be able to confirm...

I'll admit, it looks exactly like some of the Stickley rocking chairs I've seen:
You probably could confirm by taking exact measurements of the chair, and then checking those against known examples.
For starters, there are a number of Stickley rocking chairs illustrated on the web, for instance:
(Very close match):
More can be found by going to, and typing in -- Stickley rocking chair -- or Stickley "rocking chair" (with quotes

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