Rocking chair - classic piece of furniture with cuddly

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A rocking chair is not only an absolute classic pieces of furniture, he has yet incredibly relaxing to the user and thus promotes well-being.

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Rocking chair - Gemütlichkeitsgarant with history

A fireplace and its warming, blazing flame stand for the absolute cuddle factor in the living room. In addition to the heating fireplace is a rocking chair, covered with a sheepskin, a good book and a hot tea in hand. More comfort is not when the temperatures drop again below zero and snow or rain falls from the sky.

The first rocking chairs made around the time of 1620 in the U.S.. Who had fled from England and immigrated in today's Massachusetts Pilgrims invented the cozy chair. From this period also the name that was originally called in English "shaker". This had nothing to do at this time with the rocking motion, but was the name of the faith community that invented the prototype of the rocking chair. Later, the most appropriate term was simply translated and adopted.

The rocking chair today

Today you can only rarely rocking chairs in the living room even though no other piece of furniture such as for comfort at home is the rocking chair. At this status has not changed until today. So it is not surprising that the rocking chair is reinterpreted by designers who hope for a revival of this piece of furniture.

A positive effect on the muscles and soothing effect on the mood of the rocking motion, speak for the rocking chair. Especially babies feel on Mama's belly, rocking in the chair particularly comfortable.

According to American studies even the syndromes of dementia should be attenuated by the rockers and the patients need less medication as.

A comfortable rocking chair can be purchased in a wide price and design radius. From 50 € for a simple wooden chair without many frills to several thousand Euros for a design piece no wishes open. . You can get inspired for example here .

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Anyone have the Lillberg Rocking Chair?

Made by Ikea. I want a more "modern" looking rocker than the gliders out there, and the price is right! I've actually read elsewhere online that this chair is very comfortable. Anyone here have any comments about it? This would be my primary chair for nursing my baby.

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They are more reasonable on CL

When I look for baby stuff I always see a few gliders for under $100.
We are not planning on getting one. I know it would be handy but we have some space constraints and the nursery will have to do double duty as the office as well until the little guy is mobile. If anything we may get a more modern looking rocking chair that will work in our living room as 'permanent' furniture.

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So all is good and we are set for another week when we have the big ultrasound

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Furniture Making & Sales - Kids Rocking Chair -
Furniture Making & Sales - Kids Rocking Chair - ...
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Spring Rocker Fish - Play Evolution Playground Equipment

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