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August 27, 2013 – 15:38

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Update: I have uploaded the images were deleted from Amazon and / or the seller again. I guess because they very clearly revealed the poor workmanship.
CAUTION FOR PURCHASE! The Music Sound Rocker chair promises a 'enjoyment of music in high quality "and in conjunction with an attractive design, but it can meet only one of these promises.

I have this chair for some time now in my application and I like him, by design, extremely good.
Its curved shape fits well to the body and you can easily bounce with this chair and back and forth, which relieves the spine. Its shape, however, it takes a little practice to be able to easily get up.

The problem, however, the build quality and the ability of the chair designed to play music in high quality.

The two speakers can 'clean' not play high notes, ie notes sound scratchy.
Everything in the middle tone range slightly blurred, which in some titles certain instruments can no longer be perceived. For very soft pass word or even classical music enters the existing "background noise" strongly to the fore.
The localization of noise, however, is not bad, but not as good as eg a headset with virtual 5.1 surround sound.

The inset in the back subwoofer, provides a 'AHHA' experience with cinematic explosions, because he easily brings the chair to vibrate.

A delightful play music does not offer this chair in an action film but it shows its advantages.

However, what led to my rating of only 3 stars is the miserable production quality.
The chair creaks with every movement, the seat cushion is very thin and the wood panels are very badly screwed, which can quickly lead to a defect. You will find some pictures and more detailed descriptions of the poor processing in the gallery.


For 100 € this chair is good to look at and it can also sit well on it for a while. However, if high standards in the field of sound and provides hope for a durable product that is not happy with this chair.

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