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La mejor manera d Dormir a un Bebe, es en una mecedora danesa, y mas si la diseño Hans Wegner o Borge moreno " . "The best way to d Sleeping Baby, is a Danish rocking, and more if the design Hans Wegner and Borge moreno". This what he said in his Twitter-Hector Chacon Hansen, a man who sells, in Caracas, furniture and Danish-and other styles-from the 50, 60, 70 and, perhaps, of the 80.


I could not help answering: "Kids do not care about the origin and lineage of the rocker. For them, what matters is the love of one who cradles, especially Mother's Love "


- donde se supone que debió aprender a dirigirse a un posible cliente -con las palabras exactas y convenientes- y sin errores ortográficos que tanto afean el intento de ofrecer un producto. I was surprised the way of trying to sell a rocking chair because Chacon Danish working-or worked-for a well known advertising company - J Walter Thompson - which means he must learn to turn a potential client with the exact wording and convenient-without spelling errors that disfigure both the attempt to provide a product.


I understand that anyone who owns a business, wants to sell, but do it honestly. You can not mix the sublime moment cradling a child with the signing of the chair where the mother sits with the child. The subliminal message is disgusting Hector Chacon, with or without intention, but unhappy message. What's left for humble mothers their children sleeping in uncomfortable chairs wobble trying to risk of falling mother and son? I've seen them.

Hector Chacon buying what you sell in your shop-garage sale in Caracas at very affordable prices. The restored - only if necessary - and then sells them-a gold price unsuspecting, snobbery and the new rich. Maybe bring a piece of the exterior, but I doubt it because in Caracas are achieved marvels-of all ages-and there are good restorers. . The restoration does not justify the prices charged Chacon and exchange rate adjustment, either, since the garage sale prices are still very affordable. Read a statement that, with respect to exchange rate adjustment, post on your blog . Their prices may be less speculative gain because I know it gets exaggerated. And like him, others selling the same, also exaggerate prices. I rescue, in Caracas, to only one of that group of vintage sellers, but I think very good is that I'm wrong. Prices in Spain are much cheaper.


The business is so profitable for Chacon, inviting lunches to order, with "subtlety" - that give exclusivity to see-and buy-the furniture and objects before a sale is open to the public. Something like that is worth everything to an end. y, a mi hija menor, en una mecedora de rattan, barata y muy cómoda. I cradled my oldest daughter in a beautiful-and cost-rocker from the city of Cumana and my youngest daughter in a rattan rocking chair, cheap and very comfortable. If someone had tried to sell me a Danish signature-such as those sold in Freak Hansen - under the premise that it was "the best way to sleep a baby", I would have been insulted. It would be like being told: "This chair gives you the feelings left for your daughter sleep"


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How about those rocking chairs they sell as

Video game chairs like this:
This is actually the whole center but they sell the chairs separately.
This bouncy goes until 29 lbs, but probably not worth it for something that will likely pass quickly.
Oh, also, there are the kids version of swivel/rocking outdoor garden chairs. Those might do it and he can push with his feet.
There are also a lot of things that swing, bounce and rock at Ikea. Why not take him and let him pick out his own "big boy" chair.

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