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March 8, 2014 – 05:52 am

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June 1, 2011

Baby stuff: Furniture

Many people here are directed during pregnancy only once a baby room (= "Nursery") a. Belongs to furniture to appear: A baby bed, a dresser with a changing pad and "Glider". A glider is a type of rocking chair with high backrest and armrests, mostly butt-ugly but comfortable. Rocked Sled is not, but by a mechanism by which the chair glides on like that before as rails and back. The Glider often includes a matching footstool. Apparently this is something typically American, the firm belief that one a comfortable rocking chair for nursing needs, where you can sleep if necessary. We do not have room for something and find the Glider also totally ugly. They are also expensive.

Is wrapped in the bath then place in the nursery, and that instead of the side of the feet as in Germany. Even the changing pads are different, namely, padded very thick, but narrow. They are basically washable, but you have to pull on it like lake bed covers, so they do not get broken anyway. The Wickelkram is then kept in the drawers under the condition that during the baby clothes are usually hung in the built-in wardrobe, here is a rule in every bedroom in the house on this small rubber teat. But the closet in what will be times the nursery is already full, and the rubber teat, just wasting space - with us there's two Ikea dressers for cheap baby clothes and a changing table for the bathroom.

The beds can also see different, mostly is one of the long sides up and can later be converted to a head portion of a child's bed (frame and mattress and everything else you need then of course still new, so I do not know how practical it really is). The bars are often wide (model rather hint) and the taste is, as always, here-fashioned conservative with furniture. Ikea is high-end design, however (and our choice, even if it is for six to seven times the price also quite sizable American cots). It is also customary to attach the mattress to two heights and can take out a grid page later. Is not customary to take out a few bars and can make a kind of door gap in bed. Perhaps that is prohibited by American standards for children's furniture? Is there anyway not here.

To the bed of course you also need a mattress. American mattresses are much thicker than German, spring is still very popular (but cold foam can also be found), and for baby mattresses applies: the main thing and waterproof. The fear that moisture could penetrate into the mattress and then there could be any mold or grow it seems great. The fear that the mattress could not be breathable enough, seems comparatively small. Water resistance is often achieved by a inseparably connected with the vinyl mattress cover. Also prescribes a standard that here all baby mattresses must be treated so that they do not catch fire easily. For this, all sorts of mysterious chemicals. Both these chemicals as well as the vinyl to make me concern. Of course, there are also mattresses that are more or less eco. But in the absence of any organic standards or objective tests, such as those of ├ľkotest or Stiftung Warentest, it is quite difficult here to separate marketing of added value. It will probably run out on us a foam mattress with fire protection from natural ingredients and with a PVC-free cover (but which still contains plastic - otherwise it would also not waterproof!) Take. It then counts as eco ago already, also the price.


Lifetime Products Inc. Lifetime Glider Bench, Faux Wood Construction, # 60055
Lawn & Patio (Lifetime Products Inc.)
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Synthetic all-weather wood slats
  • Smooth gliding motion
  • Assembly required.

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Sleep sacks: I use these instead of PJs for our baby. Because I'm insanely lazy, I just take off his pants, leave the t-shirt on and zip him into the sack. Then he gets new clothes in the morning. The fewer times I have to change his clothes, the easier it is!
Wipes: If you're going to use disposable diaper wipes, try the Lansinoh brand. Our baby has very sensitive skin and these are the only ones that don't irritate him. I have better luck with them than the ones I used to make (paper towels, distilled H2O, a little baby soap, almond oil, and a few drops of lavender and tea tree oil)

Antique auction to benefit McCook Humane Society  — McCook Daily Gazette
The sale will also include a full-size brass bed, mattress and box springs; blue upholstered glider rocker and blue upholstered rocker recliner; bunk beds (no mattresses) and an ornate king-size headboard with twin mattresses; an oval wooden kitchen ..

Coaster Home Furnishings Coaster Southern Country Plantation Porch Rocker/Rocking Chair, Oak Wood Finish
Home (Coaster Home Furnishings)
  • 21 1/2 L x 35 D x 38 H
  • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.
  • Living Room

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