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The rocking chair is definitely one of the most comfortable chairs that have ever been invented. Linked to the world of childhood and beyond, the swing is the variant "adult" in the cradle, a rocking chair that mimics the offering children and adults a safe and sweet rest and a convenient time to relax. But the swing is not only that: it is often also a game! In this form, the rocking is often made of wood and generally takes the form of a horse, or other animal. But who invented the rocking? It was Benjamin Franklin, scientist, scholar and politician, known to history as one of the greatest scholars of the phenomena associated with electricity; versatile man from what was gave rise to numerous inventions including, of course, that of rocking. An invention that did not meet only the kids, but also adults who recognize the great rocking a variant of the couch. Wood or metal, many rocking chairs are designed as true furnishings for the garden and the houses of public places where it is often used instead of chairs offering an alternative strong contender for the convenience and relaxation in the opened.


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Royalty Free Stock Footage of Mother in a rocking chair with her baby.
Royalty Free Stock Footage of Mother in a rocking chair with her baby.
Ciara feat. Ludacris - Ride
Ciara feat. Ludacris - Ride

Do you realize how insulting that sounds?

You're not sure your "lightly used tool" would even be a consideration at the age of 55?! Are you freakin' kidding me? Are you always so ageist, or are women 55 & older just not worthy of much respect?
I was born in 1954; do the math. I'm more inclined to get around on a bicycle than with a wheel chair or a walker. More likely to climb a tree with my granddaughters than to sit on my front porch in a rocking chair, knitting. I don't even know how to knit. As for sex? Well, not that it's any of your business, but suffice to say, everything is in working order. Menopause is long behind me, no cramps or raging hormones, & no worries about pregnancy


OK, so maybe only a million choices but here are a few I did.
-Pregnancy massage, after 12 weeks, they won't before because they don't want to be blammed for a miscarriage.
-Pregnancy photo session, one of the best pictures we have is her two weeks before delivery with a black backdrop and belly exposed. Google for pregnancy pics (actually pregnancy artistitic photos to avoid the porn) if you want to see how cool it can be.
-Mani/pedi appointment. Her toes are going to get farther and farther away.
-Rent a home baby hart thingie (belly beats. com), during the first born she was freaking out daily that the baby wasn't moving

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