Your baby will sleep 12 hours a day!

March 13, 2014 – 12:18 pm

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That pregnant never heard the advice: "Take to sleep now. After the baby is born, you give goodbye to nights sleep "? Having a son who sleeps through the night is the dream of many parents. And it can become reality. This is what guarantees Suzy Giordano, known in America as Trainer Babies

Suzy is Brazilian and mother of five children. Moved to the U.S. state of Virginia when the youngest twins were little more than a year. Employing the same technique for 20 years to teach the children to sleep, Suzy has just released the book "12 hours of sleep with 12 weeks of life, " the Publisher Zahar.

In the work, the author argues four grounds for the small sleeping with the angels:

1. The child must adapt to the family, not the family to him: "Babies are well suited and should be exposed to all facets of family life, " says Suzy. "During the nap of them, like the bell can ring, older siblings should be allowed to laugh out loud at the same time that the washing machine works, for example. If not, the family ends up living in a stressful environment, in which every breath gets a wry look. "

2. As a parent, you should feel in control: "I am the mother (or father) and I'm in control. You are a baby and will follow my directions "is the mantra created by Suzy. "Children need a figure that represents authority and establishing parameters and limits, " he emphasizes.

3. Sleep is a learned skill and should be taught: "Pack a baby twelve weeks, repeatedly, in a rocking chair automatic sleep until he is the same as loading the two year old son in her arms everywhere. Parents resolve the situation for children, instead of leading them to undertake the process themselves, "says the coach of babies.

4. Training to sleep requires commitment and hard work by parents: so that the result is positive, they need to make some effort. "And even after the routine is established, from time to time they need to reinforce what they taught, " says Suzy.

The talked to Suzy Giordano to know what is the recipe to make sleep a matter quiet. Check

1. Can you teach a baby to sleep?

Yes Just as the baby will learn to walk and talk, he has the ability to learn to sleep and wake up happy. But, how to fall asleep is a primary need (as well as eating and drinking, we need sleep to survive), we adapt the conditions to which we are exposed. My book will help you avoid pitfalls and teach the baby develop good sleep habits from the start.

2. No formula for the baby to sleep 12 hours a day?


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