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August 1, 2013 – 00:00

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² ,退房逾時將著收費用。 Time into the room after 15:00, Check-out time is 11:00 until check-out time-out will be a charge.

² Please remember to show your check documents so that we registered in registration, but also you will be paying accommodation.

,吃素的朋友請於訂房時事先告知。) (Breakfast feeding time is 08:00 ~ 09:30, vegetarian friends, please inform in advance at time of booking.)

(If you can not arrive on the date of stay, please call to confirm arrival time in order to reserve the room.)

² To maintain quality accommodations, please follow the number into the living room, for added, please inform.

² Well-maintained accommodation, this B & B ban indoor smoking, playing cards, drinking, excessive noise.

² ,降低音量。 Bed and Breakfast Unlike hotels, if not pack Dong guests after 22:00 please, lower the volume.

² Even if the package Dong guests, but also do not spend the night on the couch in the lobby.

² B & B offers a cozy restaurant space can be used, do not bring food into the oil Soup room.

² Personal valuables, please take good care of yourself, if lost, will not be responsible, please forgive me.

² 。 House of furniture, appliances, furnishings, pillows, ornaments, utensils B mused as the property, if necessary, please contact the innkeepers purchase, ask any damage or loss according to the price to buy.

² 自備個人盥洗用品 ,僅提供香皂、洗髮精及牙刷、牙膏。 Should be environmentally friendly, please bring your own personal toiletries, only soap, shampoo and toothbrush, toothpaste.

² Pets can not be accommodated in room, you can plug in the courtyard.

Warm service

The B & B is detached villas, attached spacious parking, an outdoor patio, outdoor rocking chair.

、 免費香醇咖啡 、 在地旅遊資訊服務 . Offers exquisite breakfast service, free fresh coffee in the ground travel information services.

(請提前預約,以利接送安排). Yilan Railway Station, transfer station pick-up service (please reserve in advance, in order to facilitate transfer arrangements).

(車資另計) Exclusive custom sets designed itinerary (fare surcharge)

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Question about how to finish up some chairs?

I picked up some sweet redwood patio rocking chairs over the weekend for 10 bucks at a garage sale. i power-washed them, then sanded. Now i am ready to put something on to help keep them for awhile. i want to stain them, but my wife seems to think they'll keep better if i paint them.
Will stain or paint help outdoor wooden chairs to keep longer?

Amish Traditions, new to Beaverton, offers handcrafted furniture  — OregonLive.com
And though Amish Traditions' showroom is filled with tables, rocking chairs, beds and dressers, Hostetler said most customers order custom pieces. This allows them to choose the perfect size and stain for them, he said.

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