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August 27, 2013 – 15:38

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In this guide we will discover simple and fast techniques that will give new style and color to the dining room, the living room or the garden. You can play chairs in metal, wood, straw or upholstered. Giving color and innovating an item such as the chairs, you can give a new personality and change the style to a whole room. The art of dressing the chairs is available to everyone, it takes simple materials and lots of ideas. Photo:

You need: Old chairs Fabric (cloth or leather) Balls of wool or string August Resistant cotton thread Scissors Pencil Glue and hot Punching

Per sedie non imbottite (in metallo o legno) è necessario innanzitutto pulire bene la struttura, eliminando residui di polvere e sporco. 1 For non-upholstered chairs (metal or wood), you must first clean the structure, removing dust and dirt. For wooden chairs must pass sandpaper where the wood were to present a chip. For the metal chairs, it is good practice to cover any rusted parts of paint and let dry before starting to dress them. At this point, you must choose one or more strands of colored wool, apply a little hot glue on the part that you are about to cover and start the actual coating of the structure starting to run the ball around the part to be covered. In alternative to the hot glue, the glue can be used mixed with water (this solution should be brushed as on the parts to be coated). If you opt for the color variations, you have to start with a ball and then paste well to structure the thread that you leave and the one with which you continue the coating. Once this is done, you can fade the effect by making a slight "reverse" with the second wire, revealing the underlying color and continue forward until the next color change. Alternatively, you can use balls of wool already faded and variously colored.

Tips: In the case of non-upholstered chairs, and for those from the garden to the interior you can opt for the twine or thin rope instead of wool for a more rustic and durable.

Per rivestire le sedie imbottite, è necessario appoggiare al rovescio sulla seduta il tessuto (in stoffa o ecopelle ) e segnare con la matita la sagoma della seduta, includendone i bordi laterali. For coating 2 upholstered chairs, you need to lean upon sitting upside down on the fabric (fabric or leather) and mark with a pencil the outline of the session, by including the side edges. Attention to shape precisely the points where the seat meets the back. It should then place the fabric on the basis of work and cut out following the signs traced, abounding of one or two centimeters compared to these signs. Alternatively, you can lean the seat on a sheet of newspaper with a black marker and mark the outline of the base of the chair, then this sheet will be cut, superimposed on the fabric and pinned it with pins. Once this is done, you can cut out the fabric, with the certainty of not making mistakes. Note: in the crop the template is absolutely essential to remember to leave along each side of one or two centimeters more than the height of the padding and this in order to allow the fold of the cloth.


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