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Collection Evill / Frost: Quirky Brit comes from the throne of Henry Moore - Art Market - Panorama

August 27, 2013 – 15:38

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A "white glove auction", in which everything will be auctioned without reduction and the auctioneer finally gets a pair of white gloves is rare enough. Three in a row is almost a miracle, as happened at Sotheby's auctions in the three part of the collection "Evill / Frost" on 15 and 16 June. But no one was surprised by the 42 million pound turnover (converted 48 million euros), the eleven record prices for British artists of the 20th Century and the millions of prices except for the painting of Stanley Spencer's eccentric. They knew that this collection was special.

Again and again the auction history that something exceptional and auction fresh material moves the market. Only in February was in the same room, the Geneva collection Kostalitz, anonymous auction titled "Looking Closely" and spun the prices up. The record price of 13.5 million pounds for Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard small-portrait was one of the highlights. Like it was a year ago at the Zero Collection Lenz and next week could auctioning German Art of the 1960s from the collection of Count Christian Dürckheim with formative early works by Baselitz, Polke and Richter similar furore make (29-30. During June Sotheby's).

Legacy of a diver

The collection Evill / Frost led to still more distant sources. Here was art on the market, which partially bought the lawyer Wilfrid Evill already in the thirties and has not been seen for nearly 50 years. He was a devoted collector of painters such as Graham Sutherland, Edward Burra, Stanley Spencer and course of sculptors such as Leon Underwood, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Even the young Lucien Freud bought the Unsleeping, not at bargain prices, but generous promoting. After his death in 1963 his estate went to his ward Honor Frost, which kept all reverence. First she was the curator of the Tate Gallery, then she became a diver Meeresarchäologin and a name. Among other things, it has become known by a typology of ancient stone anchors. Her legacy will now come to the antique research on the seabed benefit that has such a cash injection probably not seen.

From 15 to 2.6 million pounds

In the packed main hall, a record price for a work on paper by Lucien Freud was achieved. "Beach Scene with Boat" from 1945, the Evill had purchased in 1946 in the Reid & Lefevre Gallery for 15 pounds, now brought 2.6 million pounds. Henry Moore Mother and Child Bronze "Rocking Chair" doubled the estimate to 2.5 million pounds. One of the most influential of Francis Bacon "crucifixions" by Graham Sutherland quadrupled the tax to a record price of 713, 250 pounds. There were also artists records for William Roberts, Leon Underwood, Edward Burra (2 million pounds) and Patrick Heron (1 million pounds).


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I have a post-move problem. I recently moved from Cambridge to NYC and the moving company lost my rocking chair during the move. They are still in the process of establishing that is was actually 'lost' - here's what happened:
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